MKMMA – Week 21 (The Return)

So after a leave of absence from writing my blog, I’m back. It’s been an interesting time since I’v been gone. What’s been so interesting is that no matter how much of my old blueprint has reared it’s head, much of the new blueprint has been engrained. Things are manifesting which cannot be stopped. After repeating my one sentence DMP for 50 minutes straight, that DMP is starting to form. I have the opportunity of a lifetime to train with some of the top minds and top companies. These opportunities are falling right in line with exactly what that DMP was. I’m not gonna lie, my mind is a bit blown. The person I want to become is coming out, even with how hard the old blueprint tried to squash it.

I’m looking forward to the next 3 weeks in Arizona to train and to focus on bringing the rest of my new blueprint to fruition. I have been learning more and more about quantum physics after the last webinar and have a completely different output on life. I have a sense of peace now that I just can’t quite explain. I plan on incorporating a lot of meditation because I’m starting to believe that all great things come out of the silence.


MKMMA – Week 16

So this week has been fun. I started the week off by doing all my exercises. I felt like I was on crack or something (not that I would know what that feels like. It’s a metaphor 😉 ). Everything went so well the rest of the day. I saw people on the road letting other people into crammed traffic. People were being so nice at the dog park. Kindness has been everywhere. It’s been great. I love focusing on kindness.

This week has also been a strenuous one. I’ve been in the middle of a never-ending move. It’s been like a 2 week process, and we’re on the home stretch. My action in my business has been lacking, but I’ve been doing more mental exercises and focusing my thoughts. And boom…something huge manifested. A friend of mine and I came up with a huge business design that apparently no-one has done. It’s something that was in my DMP and manifested itself in a slightly different but oh so much better way. I keep meditating and visualizing this knowing that it will manifest itself perfectly. I am SO excited. I was starting to worry that my efforts were flawed and that I wasn’t doing as much as I needed to do.

Anyway, this week has been awesome and will continue to be that way. 🙂

Week 15 – MKMMA

So I found myself stuck this week. Just stuck in everything. Lack of action and increasing excuses. “Oh I’ll do this tomorrow” or “I’ve got all of 2017 to get this going”. Just lots of stinkin’ thinkin’. I’ve noticed that the one main difference between me and people who were getting sales or being more successful was ACTION. I like and appreciate the fact that I am aware of this, because it makes things so simple. Just do something, anything. It’s a piece of cake. Anyway, this week’s blog is going to be pretty short and sweet. There wasn’t really much to report. I was supposed to focus on Courage, and all I could think about was a lack of Courage. It was a wee bit depressing, but it’s time to have a short memory. It’s time to brush off my knees and hop back on that bike again. Piece of cake!!!!

MKMMA – 12 & 13

Oh where to begin. Well I found myself slacking in developing myself into the person I truly am. Apparently my old blueprint just didn’t want me to come out of my caccoon just yet and become the butterfly. Which when thinking of it in that sense, I know I still have some maturing to do. There are still a few inner battles to be fought, and to be honest, I think that’s part of this whole thing. It’s not going to be easy to reprogram who you are. That’s years and years of deep seeded habits and cement on the Buddha. But guess what? Each day I become more aware of myself, my thoughts, and I realize I’m on a journey most never really get to take. I may struggle at times, but I am so grateful that I am on this journey to become someone I have it within me to be. So many others out there don’t have that chance and are never aware that they can be and are someone that is meant for greatness. I will forever be grateful of the many things that have been given to me.

So I had an ah-ha moment this week when it came to application of my business or any business. I kept seeing the “Law of Averages” in the reading and finally started to actually think about it. Okay, it and many studies out there, state that the Law of Averages is a natural law that always works. That is HUGE!!!! My brain just couldn’t take it, and I’ll tell you why. For the many people that are in network marketing or sales, this is monstrous. So many people fail in the beginning because some people say “no” and probably not in a nice way. Everyone would be setup for success if they knew and believed the Law of Averages was a solid as gravity. This would state that with all the “no’s” that you get at the start HAVE TO balance out later down the line with “yes’s”. It’s a given and cannot be argued. There’s a book called “Go for No!” which talks about this and I never quite let it sink in all the way till now. We all have unlimited leads out there, whether it is calling people on the phone, going to networking events, or knocking doors. And more than likely, we will not do well at the start. If we persist, learn, and inevitably get more skilled, we will have huge success. It is as sure as night and day that this will be work. There is no point to be scared to talk to people and get “no”. Just say “thank you, that led me closer to my dream.”

Week 11 – MKMMA (Dr Strange)

A lot of good things have happened this week. Things at work seem to be picking up. I’ve got some good hired help. A lot of positives. I’ve making gradual steps every day towards my DMP, yet for some reason, the only time I’m seeing the positive out of this week is right now writing this blog. I have been so focused on the dwindling bank account and how I’m going to make it through the month, that I forgot to stop and say thanks for all the many blessing I have. I work for an amazing company. I have amazing friends and family. I have an amazing girlfriend, who provides for me, and a son who is out of this world. Shame on me for getting down, but I won’t think another second about the attitude I had. I am laser focused on what I’m doing now and each step I take daily. And weirdly enough, it took seeing a Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, to put things back into perspective.

I went in thinking I was going to see some amazing special effects movie, some light humor, and an epic story. Never did I expect that that movie would have some awesome life lessons and relate significantly to the MKMMA class, or at least I perceived it had a lot of similar lessons. There was very high emphasis on FOCUS, that you need to see vividly where you are going in order to get there. I kept thinking…did Stan Lee read the Master Keys and make Doctor Strange about this? I mean, he has done some amazing things and written some insanely cool comics that turned into amazing movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. I started digging into my seat that much more with a huge smile across my face. It started nearing the end of the movie, and the doctor was mentioning how he wasn’t meant to end lives but to save them. The next line might be engrained in my brain forever now. The Ancient One (What she was called) turned to him and stated, “You’ve learned so much but you’re still missing the biggest lesson yet. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! It’s about the greater good!” BOOM!!!! My jaw dropped, solar plexus nearly pulled me out of my seat, and I had the biggest smile on my face. All this time, I’ve been focusing so much on myself, that I forgot that I’m not really doing this for me. I’m doing this so I can help the world and people in it be better. There was a Christian saying for a while “What Would Jesus Do”, and I’m starting to think I finally have a grasp on that. It more so should be “What selfless act can I do to better the world and my fellow person”. Yeah, not quite the saying or acronym you could memorize though. Haha! Anyway, I love the life lessons that hit you right when you need them from the most unexpected places.

Week 10 – MKMMA (Affirmative Captain)

Holy Affirmations Batman!!!! So I’m driving in my car to go door knock and generate leads for my solar company, and I just start belting out affirmations left and right. I’m griping the steering wheel as hard as I can and yelling these out full force. I start coughing cause I’m yelling so loud. To fill you in, door knocking hasn’t always been my cup of tea, and quite frankly, scared the living hell out of me. I’m the type that wasn’t used to rejection and was used to closing nearly everyone I talked to. Knocking on the doors and hearing “not interested” was about the same as taking a baseball to the face for me, maybe worse. Nobody likes to be rejected. Oh wait…what about the lovely Law of Substitution though?

The lightbulb came on over my head and I immediately started turning something that was the bane of my existence into something that was going to make me flourish. I started to think about all the teachings we have gone through as well and Haanel’s teachings. Everything I focus on continuously and charge emotionally must manifest itself if it abides by the law of growth. Well…saving the world and helping the world flourish through solar counts as helping the world grow in my book.

This concept that if I just charge my thoughts emotionally and focus on how I want this outcome to be in this situation, and everything I want with this will 100% happen!! BOOM!!! Get the hell outta here!!!! My faith goes through the roof and now I’m belting out affirmation after affirmation to program subby to love door knocking. “Each door I knock makes the world a better place and helps people, no matter the outcome.” I absolutely loved talking with everyone on the doors after that. Subby sure is stupid if he changed that quickly, but boy is he powerful. haha! Now if I would’ve prepped subby a little bit better to love the 35 degree weather and 15mph wind, I would’ve been banging down doors and showering people with love for endless hours. I love this stuff!!!

Week 9- MKMMA

So I know this is coming in a little late. Week 9 was a bit rough with family in town and getting a nasty flu. I know I said I was saying goodbye to the old me, but the old me really just wants to stick around. It makes me doubt myself. It makes me want to quit. The old me wants to hold onto so many old habits and thoughts. How do I break away from that miserable guy. Boom…it comes back to me. Doing daily activities and focusing on my DMP and the person the Universe needs me to be. I may struggle, but if I keep walking towards the person I want to be, no detour can veer me away from that person. I know I can always affix my mind to that goal and get back on track. I expect to get off track at times, hell, I honestly think that getting off track is the means to getting to the final destination. Learning to love the battle is part of life. You’re always going to have some battle. So learn to love it and realize that battle is what is making you blossom into the person you intend to become. Just one rule….DON”T QUIT!!!!